Executive Presentation Development

LMU Course Number: EXECED 6001
Enroll in LTP as an "Individual Course"
Date and Time: TBA
Boeing Offices in El Segundo
Instructor: Larry Haas
Course price: $3,125
Boeing employee price: $2,500

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Note that this course can be dropped/added the same day as the start of the class.

Course Overview

Executive Presentation Development (EPD) is a single day class that focuses on content as a priority over delivery and speaking and includes several exercises. Students work in groups where they focus on a real presentation they are developing for work.

Course Details

  • Topic: Drive the Business (strategic perspective)
  • Exercise: Pre-MortemTM (proactive success assessment of current business situation)
  • Topic: Drive the Outcome (audience analysis, presentation flow, meetings and events, managing distractions)
  • Exercise: Presentation Flow (breakout pairs develop outline of current presentation need)
  • Topic: Drive the Point (red flags, slide rules, power charts)
  • Exercise: The Killer ChartTM (iterative interactive brainstorming process)
  • Presentation: Success Factors

For questions, contact LMU Executive Education at ExecEd@lmu.edu.