Power Presenter - Onsite (Paused due to COVID-19)

LMU Course Number: EXECED 6000
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Continuing Education Units: 3
Instructor: Larry Haas
Course price: $5,938
Boeing employee price: $4,750

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Paused due to COVID-19


Important Information to Note

  • Course can be dropped/added five business days from the start of the first class.
  • A customized e-binder is included with the course and will be sent in PDF format prior to classes starting.

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Course overview

Become a Power Presenter by upgrading your technical presentation skills! Learn how to powerfully and effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences.

This course is an intensive, six-session, 12-hour workshop-based program designed to help technical professionals become relatable, powerful communicators on stage in front of practically any audience. It is different from typical speaking training in that it focuses on avoiding the many mistakes often encountered when specifically attempting to communicate highly technical information that is routine in an Aerospace and Defense setting.

Designed to meet the needs of new hires through executives, Power Presenter combines light lecture with heavy discussion, speaking practice and group and/or video evaluation for each student each session. The course has a track record of creating a strikingly noticeable improvement in speaking credibility and confidence for students in a short period of time.

Course details

Power Presenter consists of six sessions, each two hours in length with homework in between. The homework consists of preparing materials such as visuals and practicing speaking live in the following session. In addition, video review of one or more sessions (typically in week 3 or 4) is included for students to gain an outside perspective of how they actually” look” on stage. A typical session consists of a 15-minute group discussion on a specific “confidence builder” topic (such as why conduct an advance technical walk-thru), followed by student presentations and group feedback. The session ends with a 20-minute lecture to provide the content supporting the homework assignment for the following session. The six sessions consist of:

Session 1
Lecture: Course Introduction and Presentation Fundamentals
Presentation Topic: Personal Introduction
Homework: Prepare personal value proposition

Session 2 (video options)
Presentation Topic: Personal Value Proposition
Lecture: Audience Analysis
Homework: Prepare audience analysis on an important work-related audience

Session 3
Presentation Topic: Audience Analysis
Lecture: Developing Your Presentation
Homework: Developing your presentation flow for an actual work-related presentation

Session 4
Presentation Topic: Your Presentation Flow
Lecture: Delivery Insanity – topics are appearance, voice, posture, movement, and eye contact
Homework: Gather feedback to determine area of delivery most needing improvement

Session 5
Presentation Topic: Delivery Insanity (a series of fun, physically-oriented drills to get students out of their comfort zones around their primary areas of improvement)
Lecture: Handling Questions and Answers, and Managing Distractions
Homework: Prepare “My Personal Power Presenter Journey and Future Areas of Focus”

Session 6 (video option)
Presentation Topic: My Personal Journey with Q&A, and Handling Distractions
Lecture: Course Wrap Up, Presentation of Certificates
Homework: N/A

For questions, contact LMU Executive Education at ExecEd@lmu.edu.